Call for Papers

Abstracts are called from researchers in the following thematic areas related to cancer and inflammation.
  • Natural Products Chemistry
  • Natural Products Genomics
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Drug Discovery
  • Translational Research



1.         The title of the abstract should be brief but adequately descriptive.


2.         Author's surname should be preceded by the initial(s) or forename(s), but not by prefixes such as Mr, Dr or Prof. 

         The institution(s) where the work was performed should be stated. The names of authors and place of work should be mentioned          on the original and on one copy. The names of authors and place of work should not appear on other 3 copies (These copies             will be sent for anonymous review).



3.         The text of the abstract should not exceed 250 words. It should be structured as follows:

(i)            Introduction

(ii)          Objectives

(iii)         Methods

(iv)         Results

(v)          Conclusions



4.          Acknowledgements in the abstracts should be confined to citing funding sources.


5.          Abstracts should be emailed to on or before 12 Midnight GMT on 15 June 2017 .

6.          Abstract decisions would be conveyed to authors on 20 June 2017.